Christmas production

Here are the words and music to our songs for the Christmas show. (copy and paste the links into the address bar)

Gospel Angels Hey Ewe Hustle Bustle Something’s going on


Holly Class

Hey Ewe! –

Something’s going on –

Hustle Bustle –


Willow Class

Hey Ewe! –

Gospel Angels –



Our journey on the Titanic

We have had an amazing journey on the Titanic including learning about the different classes of people, the scale and design of it and the interior of it.

We had a telegram today from Captain Edward J. Smith himself telling us there is an iceberg ahead. Here are some of our descriptions of this iceberg.



Teeny little drop

With a CD recording  and Singing Square  on the way, we have a lovely song to learn for our boat transport topic.

Here is the link so you can listen to it at home.


… and here are the lyrics. Teeny little drop words


Thank you,

Year 2



transport sways

Today, year 2 have been learning a new skill using office365. We have been usingSway, a presentation tool, to show what we have learnt about transport. They are still a working progress so we will show you all when they are complete!

Stay tuned!!

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