Science competition!

It’s science week this week and we have an exciting opportunity to take part in a global competition!

The competition is to design a poster about plastics.

There will be two winners; one from Key Stage 1 and one from Key Stage 2. The winning designs will be printed on re-usable plastic bottles, 50 being supplied to each winning school.

If you would like to take part then bring your posters into school as soon as possible to your class teachers.

Good luck everyone!


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Spring has arrived

Last term, the children planted lots of bulbs. We didn’t know what might grow from them but they have finally started grow and this is what we have in our planters…



Maths topic for next half term

Our topic for maths next half term is going to be shape and measures. If you would like to practise any of this at home then we suggest identifying different shapes around your home or outside. These should include 3d and 2d shapes. They might also discuss the properties e.g. how many vertices, sides, faces, etc.


Pictures of our learning

The children wanted to share with you all their learning from the last term. Our topic has been volcanos and they have really enjoyed learning about Pompeii.

At the beginning of the term, we looked at a book called Ignis. This was about a dragon who could not find his flame. Here is our communal character of Ignis

We then used a Venn diagram to compare Ignis to Jill and the Dragon.


We discovered that Pompeii was falling when our classroom was upturned when we came in from breaktime.


Finally, we made some amazing lava lamp volcanos. We linked the different strength in colours to different ‘angry’ words and ordered them.




Fun games to try at home

The children have asked us to put some of the fun games we use in school to help with their learning at home.


Here is a fun game to play for using apostrophes for contractions.  

– part 2 has the fun matching game that is enjoyable.


This is the ‘mathsbot’ starter challenge that we set up at times during the day. You can choose the ‘topic’ – number bonds, four calculations, doubling and halving are all good ones. Then we put the max. difficulty as 2. They can then check their answers at the end.


Maths Posters

Here are our maths posters to remind you how we solve maths calculcations in school. These are in your homework books and we gave a copy at the end of term as well.



Holly Class songs

Holly Class have their class celebration looming next week and we would love for them to practise their songs at home. Here are the urls for you to copy and paste into the toolbar.


In my Garden –


The Seed Song –



Here are the lyrics for each

The seed song lyrics

In my garden lyrics

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Maths game

We have been practising telling the time this week and we have enjoyed using the following game. Some of us wanted to be able to play at home. We have been using analogue clocks, but this website has challenged us further to tell the time digitally as well.

It is really good for us to be able to read the time in words too and use language such as quarter past/quarter to etc. Some of us could also practise telling the time to the nearest five minutes.

Have a happy weekend!

Miss Edwards and Miss Bird


Seeds for Brigg

In our drama, we have been helping a boy called Brigg. He is very lonely and lives in a world with no colour.

Fortunately, he found a packet of seeds but has no idea what to do with them to create beautiful flowers. We create instructions on how to plant seeds but he is disappointed that nothing has happened yet.

… not to worry though. Year 2 plant experts have prepared information texts to help teach Brigg all about plants so that he knows what to expect. Here are a few of us with seeds which we have expertly planted ourselves.


Here is the song that we are learning for Singing Square

(paste the url into the toolbar and download or play the song)



Titanic folk song

Willow class have their class assembly coming up next week and we would like you to learn this song in preparation. Think about the actions we added in class.



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